What we do

Developing relationships abroad

Having good relationships is a pre-requisite for doing business in many parts of the world. Good relationships build conditions of high trust that allows problem solving to be creative and productive. Using the tools of cultural diplomacy, we help our clients to build a reservoir of goodwill in their target geographical locations as the foundation from which their business operations can be successful.

International event management

Events and initiatives are a great way to build relationships abroad or across cultures both internally and externally, and they can also contribute strongly to crafting the desired organisational culture. Events and initiatives allow organisations to effectively demonstrate their values, because as the ancient wisdom tells us, “actions speak louder than words”. We can manage international events on behalf of our clients either in full or in part.


Strengthening relationships across cultures

Successful businesses are able to work effectively within diverse cultural environments, and the ability to do so produces many desirable outcomes, including productive and innovative corporate cultures and broader talent and customer bases. Using the tools of cultural diplomacy, our services are designed to maximise our client’s abilities to build outstanding internal and external relations with a diverse range of individuals and groups and reap the benefits in doing so.


Our experts advise clients on developing relationships abroad or across cultures, crafting high performing organisational cultures and managing international events and initiatives. We also undertake consulting tasks including research, grant-writing, strategic development and much more.



Crafting high performing organisational cultures

Having an outstanding organisational culture is key to achieving success in today’s competitive business world. Having a great culture increases innovation, productivity and talent retention, but a ping-pong table and some inspirational office posters aren’t going to cut it. Our highly creative strategies enable our clients to develop the desired organisational culture.


We provide training to clients in how to develop relationships abroad or across cultures, craft high performing organisational cultures and manage international events and initiatives.