Corporate culture

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Creating the most effective corporate culture for your organisation takes careful consideration, strategic planning and implementation. At League Cultural Diplomacy, we believe that organisations can benefit by using traditionally accepted aspects of culture, such as the arts, sport, food or fashion, to help you build your desired culture. In other words, League Cultural Diplomacy brings the “culture” into your “corporate culture”!

We can work with you to deliver arts and culture based corporate culture building programs, initiatives and events that will help you to build a creative and innovative workforce who are engaged in their roles and enjoy coming to work.

Examples of such initiatives include:

  • Corporate art programs and exhibitions
  • Artist in residence events
  • Sponsorship arrangements
  • Strategic plans and policies that encourage employees to participate in arts and cultural activities

There is a staggering amount of research that demonstrates the benefits to people’s health, wellbeing and creativity levels when they are involved in arts and cultural activities. Cultured organisations will benefit by incorporating the arts and culture into their operations by:

  • Having a more engaged, creative and innovative workforce
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Mentally healthier employees
  • Enhanced brand awareness

Get in touch with us now to find out how your organisation can put the “culture” into its “corporate culture”!

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