For business

Using culture based techniques we help our corporate clients to enter and succeed in new international markets, build healthy internal and external relationships with staff, clients and other stakeholders, develop a positive brand image with increased brand awareness and heighten levels of international engagement. We do this through our event management, consulting and training services. Our staff have worked with international corporations in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia in various capacities


Examples include the management of:

  • cultural events and initiatives locally or abroad, such as arts or sports events
  • study and research tours
  • corporate art programs
  • foreign market brand development events or relationship building initiatives
  • corporate hosting or sponsorship functions at sports or performing arts events


Examples include the:

  • provision of consulting advice relevant to international or cross-cultural relations, events and initiatives
  • undertaking of consultative tasks such as planning for international engagement activities or establishing international relationships with potential partners, customers and other stakeholders


  • Tailored training courses
  • Cross-cultural competency training
  • Workshops and speaking appearances

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