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May 13 2020. Grant Hall discusses research about transformative learning and the arts in the MOD.LOUNGE

March 10, 2020. New article at about the future of arts education


November 11, 2019. New video at by D. Paul Schafer

October 10, 2019. New book: ‘Eventscapes: Transforming place, space and experiences’ by Graham Brown

August 4, 2019. Digital Nomads: The Opportunities for South Australia

July 17 2019. Research presentations in Venice, Italy

15 May 2019. Digital Nomads: UniSA School of Management Research Seminar Series. 24 May 2019.

14 May 2019. Research presentations at the AIMAC Arts & Cultural Management Conference, Venice, June 2019.

8 April 2019. New post to by D. Paul Schafer

29 March 2019. New post at by David Clive Price PhD

8 February 2019. LCD Founder Grant Hall at the ENTER 2019 tourism conference in Nicosia, Cyprus.

22 January 2019. Research presentations about digital nomads (Adelaide & Nicosia)

2 January 2019. New conference paper/publication about ‘digital nomads’ by LCD Founder, Grant Hall.


4 November 2018. Free webinar. Doing business in Vietnam; negotiating the cultural terrain. 15 November 2018.

12 September 2018. Researching the links between innovation and festival attendance

3 August 2018. New post at by Jolleen Hicks, Founder of Aboriginal Insights

30 July 2018. Book recommendation: Understanding an Aboriginal Community by Jolleen Hicks

15 June 2018. New post about music at by D. Paul Schafer

7 June 2018. Sponsorship opportunities. Snooker event featuring Jimmy White and Ken Doherty in Ho Chi Minh City. 15 June 2018.

6 June 2018. Jimmy White vs Ken Doherty Snooker Exhibition. Ho Chi Minh City. June 15. Hosted by Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services

25 May 2018. Please support the Anh Sang Sightless Children’s Center in Vietnam

11 April 2018. Business SA Export Ready Program (South Australia)

10 April 2018. League Cultural Diplomacy E-news out now. 1st Quarter, 2018.

9 April 2018. New book release: Will This Be Canada’s Century? by D. Paul Schafer

3 April 2018. New client announcement: Moon Dog Craft Brewery. Melbourne, Australia.

29 March 2018. New client announcement: Melbourne Inner North Performing Arts Academy (Australia)

28 March 2018. League Cultural Diplomacy; now consulting in Adelaide, South Australia

19 February 2018. New post to ‘Tourism and culture; enabling peaceful sustainability in Pakistan’ by Peter Mousaferiadis, Founder of Cultural Infusion

16 February 2018. Client profile: Haus Space Design Studio. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

23 January 2018. League Cultural Diplomacy Quarterly E-news out now

4 January 2018. top 10 articles from 2017

3 January 2018. League Cultural Diplomacy; at home in Adelaide, South Australia.


4 December 2017. Street Food Festival in Mui Ne, Vietnam, this weekend. December 8 & 9. Last one for 2017!

1 December 2017. New post to Sensing the ‘rise of Asia’; One person, one city, one day.

13 November 2017. Unique Boxing club in Vietnam seeks sponsors

9 November 2017. New post to by Jolleen Hicks of Aboriginal Insights

6 November 2017. Street Food Festival in Mui Ne, Vietnam, this weekend (November 10 & 11, 2017)

3 November 2017. Peter Mousaferiadis of Cultural Infusion; latest contributor to ‘where words fail’

10 October 2017. New post to ‘The case for culture’ by D. Paul Schafer

9 October 2017. Join our ‘Culture for business, governments and life’ Facebook Group and get a free copy of ‘The Secrets of Culture’ by D. Paul Schafer

5 October 2017. League Cultural Diplomacy E-news July / August / September 2017

4 October 2017. Sport sponsorship opportunities in South East Asia

3 October 2017. LCD in the community; Mid-Autumn Festival school visits

2 October 2017. What we were reading in September 2017

28 September 2017. Wishing the Adelaide Crows all the very best for their Grand Final appearance on Saturday

20 September 2017. Sponsorship opportunities. Surf event in Vietnam.

18 September 2017. How Australians overseas can “vote YES” for marriage equality

14 September 2017. Fundraising experts needed

13 September 2017. Jolleen Hicks of Aboriginal Insights; latest contributor to ‘where words fail’

12 September 2017. You’re invited to our new Facebook group; ‘Culture for business, governments and life’

11 September 2017. – an LCD initiative promoting cultural diplomacy, engagement & intelligence, for business, governments and life

7 September 2017. Keeping Mui Ne nice; LCD in the community

4 September 2017. Seeking $$$ for your organisation or project? A new free service for NGO’s, charities, arts, sport and cultural organisations.

1 September 2017. LCD’s event management, consulting and training services have all budgets in mind

30 August 2017. Street Food Festival in Mui Ne, Vietnam, this long weekend (September 2 & 3, 2017)

28 August 2017. More LCD consulting dates announced for Ho Chi Minh City in September and October. Book now!

24 August 2017. LCD at the South Australian 2017 Trade Mission to Vietnam

21 August 2017. New post to LCD’s Vietnamese built heritage social media project

17 August 2017. LCD consulting sessions in Ho Chi Minh City. August 23, 2017. Book now!

15 August 2017. Register your interest to become an LCD Affiliate

14 August 2017. It’s so easy to book your consulting sessions with League Cultural Diplomacy

10 August 2017. Webinar. Doing business in Vietnam; negotiating the cultural terrain

2 August 2017. Adelaide event: Unlocking innovation through creativity. 7 August 2017

4 July 2017. Promote your events or initiatives through LCD’s networks.

3 July 2017. League Cultural Diplomacy E-news April / May / June 2017

29 June 2017. London event: Changing Times and Intelligent Leadership. 6 July 2017.

26 June 2017. LCD at the Yến Sào Khánh Hòa Company Festival on Hòn Nội Island, Vietnam.

9 May 2017. New client announcement. Haus Space, design studio (Vietnam)

3 May 2017. Call for sponsors; One Belt Road Summits, Hong Kong and Beijing, May 2017

28 April 2017. League Cultural Diplomacy announces new services for individuals

25 April 2017. Sydney event: Chinese in Australia Lunch Seminar. 3 May 2017

24 April 2017. Food and music festivals in Mui Ne, Vietnam, this long weekend (April 29 – May 1, 2017).

20 April 2017. Perth Event: Engaging with Aboriginal Communities. May & June 2017

10 April 2017. Ho Chi Minh City Event: Fostering Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace – 26 April 2017

31 March 2017. League Cultural Diplomacy E-news January / February / March 2017

28 March 2017. Selling in China. Low cost and low risk approaches for Australian producers

22 March 2017. New client announcement. Seph Lawless, artist/photojournalist (USA)

6 January 2017. Phan Thiet Buildings Project (Vietnam)


23 November 2016. League Cultural Diplomacy E-news October / November / December 2016

16 November 2016. London Event (Special LCD Offer). BAMBOO LEADERSHIP – Achieve Transformative Growth. 29 November 2016.

7 November 2016. How to get in-house support for workplace diversity and cultural competence initiatives

5 November 2016. Cultural Diplomacy and International Events study opportunity in Scotland & Germany.

4 November 2016. Melbourne event. TWO CULTURES: A forum on global cultural collaborations with art & science. 14 November 2016.

2 November 2016. LCD introduces new health, safety and risk management services for international and remote events

26 October 2016. Bala (Wales) event: Tools for Coaching Young People

25 October 2016. Workplace diversity; the what, why and how?

20 October 2016. London Event: Meet David Clive Price, author, cultural intelligence expert and LCD Adviser

18 October 2016. LCD announces new workplace diversity services

12 October 2016. Melbourne Event: Doing Business with India Seminar

27 September 2016. League Cultural Diplomacy E-news August/September 2016

17 September 2016. Rick Shrowder announced as an official Adviser to LCD

16 September 2016. Melbourne event: What are cultural differences costing you?

15 September 2016. Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival; Grant Hall visits Nong Giang

14 September 2016. David Clive Price PhD announced as an official Adviser to LCD

13 September 2016. LCD announces new cultural competence training courses

5 September 2016. New Adviser for League Cultural Diplomacy: Michelle Wild.

3 September 2016. Indonesian-Australian cultural engagement project seeking support

31 August 2016. LCD announces its inaugural official adviser: Piya Bose.

26 August 2016. LCD Founder Grant Hall joins Fit Across Cultures as an Associate

14 August 2016. Get your free copy of ‘Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps’ by Patti McCarthy

21 July 2016. International cultural experience study tours by League Cultural Diplomacy

15 July 2016. League Cultural Diplomacy E-News June/July 2016

12 July 2016. International sport management internship programs by League Cultural Diplomacy

11 July 2016. Book review: Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy by David Clive Price

8 July 2016. International arts and cultural management internship programs by League Cultural Diplomacy

4 July 2016. New international festival management services from League Cultural Diplomacy

1 July 2016. League Cultural Diplomacy; opening the doors to artistic collaboration in Asia

24 June 2016. Corporate cultural diplomacy and the international education sector

20 June 2016. Get your free copy of Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy by David Clive Price

9 June 2016. League Cultural Diplomacy at the South Australian Trade Mission to South East Asia 2016

29 May 2016. New corporate visual arts services for government agencies

28 May 2016. Introducing our international food diplomacy events and initiatives

27 May 2016. Corporate art programs by LCD

26 May 2016. League Cultural Diplomacy E-News May 2016

23 May 2016. Introducing our international sport tours

22 May 2016. Cultural programs for international trade missions by LCD

11 May 2016. Get your free copy of Progressive Partnerships by Callum Laing

21 April 2016. International corporate relationship building and cultural engagement services

19 April 2016. International services to education providers

2 February 2016. League Cultural Diplomacy; Bringing the “Culture” to your “Corporate Culture”


1 December 2015. Art in the workplace

20 November 2015. League Cultural Diplomacy is getting social

17 November 2015. Interview with Callum Laing for the Asian Entrepreneur

3 November 2015. Mental health, the arts and safety in the workplace

6 May 2015. 2 Dozen reasons to use Corporate Cultural Diplomacy

5 May 2015. China’s strategy for exporting culture; an approach worth emulating

9 April 2015. Cultural immersion trumps theoretical knowledge in international business

25 March 2015. Beijing and Perth orchestras put Corporate Cultural Diplomacy into action

17 March 2015. Orchestras and cultural diplomacy

5 March 2015. How do we know if we have a cultural problem?

10 February 2015. Business failures in China; an inability to connect at a cultural level

30 January 2015. International business, trust and putting the horse before the cart

28 January 2015. The silent killer murdering international business ventures

19 January 2015. Corporate Cultural Diplomacy and the Magic 5 ingredients

7 January 2015. 4 Steps to Corporate Cultural Diplomacy

6 January 2015. What is Corporate Cultural Diplomacy?

5 January  2015. The twin challenges of International Business

4 January 2015. Corporate Cultural Diplomacy; how it works in practice (with examples)