Employment FAQ

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Do you have any jobs available right now? (see more)


Not right now, but you can follow us on social media or sign up to our e-news to stay up-to-date with job opportunities as they arise!


What are the personal attributes that you look for in an applicant? (see more)


When people get to know each other at an interpersonal level, regardless of their background, culture or language, they tend to focus on mutual interests and usually get along well. We believe that this is the key to world peace and global prosperity, and we seek to work with people and organisations that share this belief and will work passionately with us to bring people together, via cultural activities, to build strong relationships across borderlines, oceans and cultures. Most of the work that comes up is project based.

If you want to work for us, you will be a hard-working, culturally intelligent individual who has outstanding communication skills, particularly in intercultural or linguistically diverse environments. You can work under intense pressure, demonstrate initiative and you have the ability to lead groups of people in sometimes challenging situations. The jobs that come up are rarely suitable for those seeking a 9-5 arrangement and we need people who can throw their whole being into projects that are normally short-term. You need to be fearless in the face of cultural differences, highly adaptable and thrive in intercultural work environments. Most importantly, you need to have a passion for bringing people together through cultural events, initiatives or programs.

We work with people who we know and trust and we prefer to work with people who can demonstrate their pro-activity in bringing people together through cultural initiatives. Be sure to connect with us through social media, not only to keep up-to-date with our news, but also so we can stay current with the amazing work that you’re already doing!


What types of work might I perform? (see more)
What are the conditions of employment? (see more)


Mostly, we employ individuals as independent contractors or consultants and the terms of the engagement are specified within the relevant contract to which each party agrees.