Consulting T&C’s.

Thank you for your interest in League Cultural Diplomacy (LCD).

People or organisations (clients) who receive the consulting services that we provide do so in agreement with the following terms and conditions (unless agreed otherwise prior to the provision of the consulting services):

  • The relationship between LCD and the recipient of the service(s) is that of consultant and client and LCD is permitted by the client to publicly disclose this and display the client’s logo and/or image on the LCD website, social media and other publications. Unless otherwise agreed, the client is listed as the organisation or principal individual for whom the person corresponding with LCD works for. Unless negotiated otherwise, LCD is permitted to use images from the client’s website or social media, or alternatively, images supplied by the client.
  • The person(s) representing the client, and corresponding with LCD, should the client be an organisation or another third party, has the permission of the organisation or the third party to form this agreement on their behalf.
  • Consulting sessions conducted by phone or by any other communication devices may be recorded for training and quality control purposes.
  • The client will be added to LCD’s email list (from which they can unsubscribe themselves at a later date should they so wish).
  • Clients accessing complimentary consulting services will accept that the organisation of LCD’s workload gives priority to meeting the needs of paying clients over those accessing complimentary services, and that this may cause delays in the work that LCD has agreed to perform for the client accessing the complimentary services.
  • Should the client seek a change to the agreed time of a consulting session they must do so at least twenty-four hours prior to the agreed appointment time. When the client requests a change of time for a consulting sessions within twenty-four hours of the scheduled appointment, LCD reserves the right to charge the standard hourly rate for that missed consulting session, even if the client is in receipt of complimentary services.
  • LCD may request additional terms and conditions in addition to the above which will be negotiated in advance of any consulting agreement which may be formed.
  • Changes to the above T&C’s are possible through negotiation with LCD.
  • The above T&C’s are subject to change at LCD’s discretion.

Should you have any questions in regards to these T&C’s, or if you would like to find out if you are eligible for a free consulting service, please contact us.