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Over the coming weeks, LCD Founder Grant Hall will be making two presentations about his research into digital nomads.

Dates, times, locations:

Friday 25 January, 4pm, at the University of South Australia (City West Campus).

Friday 1 February, 10:30am at the Hilton Cyprus in Nicosia (as part of the ENTER 2019 eTourism conference)

About the presentations:

Digital nomads provide an example of how new technologies have given rise to new human lifestyles. Enabled by digital technologies, digital nomads are able to work wherever they choose, and use this freedom to simultaneously work and travel. With promises of freedom and adventure, the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more popular, and tourism operators and government agencies are increasingly seeking to attract digital nomads. Portrayals of digital nomads within the popular media tend to focus on the more glamorous aspects of their lifestyles, presenting an image which has become stereotypical, of young, freedom-loving people who have embarked on a utopic international highlife, armed only with a laptop. But is the digital nomad lifestyle as glamorous as it is presented within the media, or within the images that digital nomads present of themselves on Instagram? In this presentation, Grant Hall will present his observation based research findings about the realities of digital nomad lifestyles.

If you would like to attend either presentation, please contact us for details.


New conference paper/publication about ‘digital nomads’ by LCD Founder, Grant Hall.

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