Book recommendation: Understanding an Aboriginal Community by Jolleen Hicks



Jolleen Hicks has recently published a book titled Understanding An Aboriginal Community: A model approachWe recommend this book to anybody working with Aboriginal people or communities in Australia. Jolleen is the Founder of Aboriginal Insights and a contributor to LCD’s social media project,

The book offers Jolleen’s learnings gained over her lifetime, and focuses on the universal Aboriginal cultural value of sharing – something  wants to share with you!

“I want to empower the relationships between Aboriginal Communities and those responsible for achieving positive outcomes for Aboriginal people. I want Aboriginal Communities to be understood, respected and supported”.

– Jolleen Hicks

Grant Hall, CEO & Founder of League Cultural Diplomacy, recently wrote this about the book:

“I recently read Understanding An Aboriginal Community: A model approach by Jolleen Hicks, and I highly recommend it to any person or organisation seeking to work in or with Aboriginal communities in Australia. I wish the book had existed back when I was working in the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet engaging with Indigenous artists and communities – it would have helped us a great deal! Whilst it is very short at about twenty pages, its brevity is one of its assets, as Jolleen presents her valuable knowledge and advice succinctly and clearly”.

“I am proud to launch my first Book that shares my model approach to Understanding an Aboriginal Community. There are so many diverse and complex Aboriginal Communities across Australia that will be helped by this Book. This is my contribution to them – from the large Communities within the cities and towns, to the small regional and remote Communities. Every Community is diversely represented by many separate Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultures, and it is these specific cultures that are key to understanding how best to consult and engage with that Community.”

– Jolleen Hicks

Click here to read more about the book or to buy it. 


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