New book release: Will This Be Canada’s Century? by D. Paul Schafer

D Paul Schafer

D. Paul Schafer

D. Paul Schafer is a contributor to the League Cultural Diplomacy social media initiative, and he has recently published his latest book. In Will This Be Canada’s Century? Paul makes the case that Canada has a crucial role to play in the world in the remaining decades of the twenty-first century.  In order to realize this, he believes it is necessary for Canada to act as an exemplar rather than an empire builder or super power.  This will require focusing attention on the development of Canadian culture as a whole, making a major shift from wealth to well-being, and placing a high priority on the public sector, addressing people’s needs, rights, and responsibilities whilst achieving environmental sustainability.  He is hoping that the book will serve a useful purpose as a prototype for countries that are searching for an alternative model to the model that is currently taking shape in the United States and other parts of the world.  Click here to view or buy the book on Amazon.

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