wherewordsfailblog.com – an LCD initiative promoting cultural diplomacy, engagement & intelligence, for business, governments and life



where words fail is a League Cultural Diplomacy (LCD) social media initiative which promotes awareness of how cultural diplomacy, cultural engagement and cultural intelligence can help business, governments and individuals to achieve their aims when working abroad or across cultures. Incorporated into the initiative is the where words fail blog (www.wherewordsfailblog.com) and it’s related Facebook Group, Culture for business, governments and life.

Established in January 2015, wherewordsfailblog.com has published many articles by a diverse range of writers, including David Clive Price Phd (UK), D. Paul Schafer (Canada), Manuel Wendle (Switzerland), and Grant Hall (Australia). Topics have included cultural diplomacy, engagement and intelligence, international business, creativity, corporate culture, sport, the arts, travel, politics and much more. The site has been accessed over 20,000 times by people in over 200 countries.

The Culture for business, governments and life Facebook group, which commenced in September 2017, is a forum where people can discuss issues and ideas surrounding the role of culture in international business and other related topics, whilst potentially developing working business relationships and friendships.

Please do visit wherewordsfailblog.com and have a look around, and join our Facebook Group – we’d love to see you there!