You’re invited to our new Facebook group; ‘Culture for business, governments and life’

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Dear reader,

I would like to invite you, your friends and colleagues to join our new Facebook Group Culture for business, governments and life –  a friendly forum which aims to:

  • grow the awareness of how cultural diplomacy, cultural engagement and cultural intelligence, in many, many ways, can help business, governments and individuals to achieve their aims, particularly when operating abroad or across cultures;
  • encourage discussions about how aspects of culture (such as sports, the arts, food, languages etc), can contribute to building better relationships between people, communities, businesses and governments;
  • share an interesting array of relevant articles, from a diverse range of people and cultures, that provide insights and news that group members will find interesting;
  • provide a meeting place where people with a shared interest in culture, in its many facets, can enjoy friendly discussions from which friendships or professional working relationships can be formed.

The Facebook Group is part of a broader LCD initiative to promote cultural diplomacy, engagement and intelligence, which incorporates –  a blog which, since January 2015, has published dozens of articles by a diverse range of writers, including David Clive Price Phd (UK), D. Paul Schafer (Canada), Manuel Wendle (Switzerland), and Grant Hall (Australia). With the site being accessed over 20,000 times by people in over 200 countries, topics have included cultural diplomacy, engagement and intelligence, international business, creativity, corporate culture, sport, the arts, travel, politics and much more. Click here to access the blog.

So, please click here to join the Facebook Group, and feel free to share relevant material and contribute to discussions.

I look forward to seeing you there!

All the best,

– Grant Hall
Founder League Cultural Diplomacy.

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