LCD’s event management, consulting and training services suit all budgets


At League Cultural Diplomacy, we strive to provide valuable services to our clients, regardless of the size of their budgets. Unlike many event management companies, consulting firms and training agencies, we are very transparent about our pricing model, but we still have a few little secrets that you might like to know!

From time-to-time, we offer complimentary consulting and training services. These services are available only to our extraordinary league, that is, people and organisations in our network, and are only advertised to our blog subscribers and social media followers. To make sure you are part of our league, click here to subscribe to the LCD Blog or here to follow us on the social media.

We run a complimentary consulting service for eligible people and organisations, such as charities, NGO’s, artists and arts organisations, athletes and sport organisations. Contact us today to find out if your organisation might be eligible for this free. We also offer a free service to NGO’s, charities and arts, sport, cultural and educational organisations which is designed to help them access corporate funding and support; to learn more, click here.

We have often helped people and organisations within the league to promote their events, without charge, through our networks, of which you can click here to learn more.

Sometimes, we provide free training via presentations or online webinars, and once again, these services are only advertised and available to the league. To join the league and keep up to date with our free training services, click here to subscribe to the LCD Blog or here to follow us on the social media.

We understand that you, and/or your organisation, don’t want to spend more money than required, and as such, we are always looking for ways to save you money.

We are happy to barter! If you have something of value that you can offer us in exchange for our services, we are open to negotiating!

If you don’t have enough funds to manage your event, initiative or project, we can undertake activities on your behalf to ensure you have the budget you require in order for your project to go ahead. We have worked with clients on fundraising, securing sponsors and in establishing cost-sharing partnerships to ensure projects have the required funding available.

Whilst we can manage your event in full, we can also one or more components of your event, such as programming, fundraising or marketing. This allows you to look after the aspects that you feel comfortable managing, whilst we can look after the areas that you might find more challenging. Also, instead of managing your event for you, we can alternatively advise you at every step in the journey, so that you can manage a successful event on your own, just with a little help from us!

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