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Welcome to League Cultural Diplomacy’s e-news for April to June 2017. Today you can read about LCD’s recently announced services for individuals, our new international clients, events we’ve been promoting, client success stories, news from our Advisers, our latest blog posts and about my recent trips, including a visit to the Yến Sào Khánh Hòa’s annual company festival on the beautiful Hòn Nội Island in Vietnam.


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LCD’s new services for individuals are designed for ambitious people seeking to build relationships and gain influence abroad or across cultures or raise their profile. Cultural diplomacy has long been used by governments to develop influence and build international relationships and our unique services put the tools of cultural diplomacy into your hands. Using arts, sport, cultural, culinary or entertainment based initiatives, these services allow individuals to fulfill their corporate ambitions whilst indulging in their personal interests and passions.

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Haus Space. Design Studio. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

hausspace (2)

Grant Hall (LCD) and Le Hau (Haus Space)

Established by the architect Le Hau, Haus Space opened in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) in 2016. Le Hau’s recent work includes The Fox Cafe in Phan Thiet and the Pho Da Cafe in La Gi, with the latter being recently featured in international architectural publications. LCD came to Le Hau’s attention through its Vietnam based ‘Phan Thiet Buildings’ heritage conservation project. You can explore Haus Space website here.

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Offshore Investment Brokers (Middle East & South East Asia)


Offshore Investment Brokers (OIBME) is an innovative offshore investment brokerage firm servicing expat clients. With a wealth of international experience, OIBME’s investment advisors specialise in providing investment solutions, financial advice, protection and securities to clients globally. Headquartered in Oman, OIBME has offices in the Middle East and South East Asia.

Initiated by Craig McAvinue (OIBME Regional Manager for South East Asia), OIBME have partnered to present pool and snooker events with professional and former champion players in South East Asia since 2016 (of which you can read more about here), and LCD has been engaged to assist with the management of future events.

See also: LCD’s services for individuals and sports industry services.


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We are constantly in awe of our valued clients. We would like to offer our hearty congratulations to Erin Fowler, Co-Founder of The Mill in Adelaide for winning the Premier’s Young Achiever of the Year Award in South Australia, artist and photojournalist Seph Lawless for the release and subsequent success of his latest book Autopsy of America: The Death of a NationOffshore Investment Brokers for their well received snooker events in VIetnam and Thailand (which we helped to promote) and to law firm Piper Alderman for having a large number of their lawyers included in this year’s Best Lawyers List.

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Since 2016, League Cultural Diplomacy has assisted people and organisations within our network to promote various events and initiatives. Typically, such events and initiatives are those that bring people together across borders or cultures, or help people to do business more effectively abroad or across cultures; we have also promoted call outs for sponsors or project partners. In the past three months we have helped to promote the following events:

If you, or someone you know, have an event or initiative of a similar nature – please contact us today to see how we can help you to promote it, or click here for more information.

You can click here to view all of the events and initiatives LCD has promoted.


Botanical Ledger

Latest posts from the ‘where words fail’ blog at www.wherewordsfailblog.com:

Jimmy ‘The Whirlwind’ White in Vietnam and Thailand; a case study in DIY events and celebrity brand alignment

The arts and culture; key to a fulfilling life

Want to win friends and influence people? Play billiards

New contributor to wherewordsfailblog.com – D. Paul Schafer

D Paul Schafer

D. Paul Schafer

We are also delighted to welcome a new contributor to wherewordsfailblog.com – D Paul Schafer. Paul has worked in the cultural field for five decades as an author, adviser, educator, and researcher. He has taught at York University and the University of Toronto, undertaken a number of missions for UNESCO, and is the Director of the World Culture Project. His books include The Age of Culture, The Secrets of Culture, Culture: Beacon of the Future, Revolution or Renaissance: Making the Transition from an Economic Age to a Cultural Age and Celebrating Canadian Creativity. He lives and works in Markham, Ontario.

You can click here to learn more about Paul and his work and read his first post at wherewordsfailblog.com!


David Clive Price

David Clive Price PhD will be presenting a masterclass with Anjana Nathwani in London on July 6 titled ‘Changing times and intelligent leadership’.  This masterclass is an opportunity to stimulate thinking and explore uncharted aspects of Leadership. The programme includes a panel of noted experts and a virtual session with John Mattone, #1 Global Authority on Intelligent Leadership and bestselling author of Intelligent Leadership. For more information, click here.


Piya Bose and her business Girls On The Go Travel Club (GOTG) just completed their first two trips for women with limited mobility. The first group went to explore Thailand and the second group went to explore Kerala (India) on a houseboat cruise. GOTG, a travel forum for women based in India,  invites more women with disabilities globally to step out of home and experience perspective shifts through travel; they are currently planning an epic journey to the North Pole in June 2018 – a one of a kind voyage that departs from Russia on a nuclear powered ice breaker ship and sails to the North Pole. You can connect with Piya through the GOTG website – www.girlsonthegoclub.com

Michelle Wild

Michelle Wild is about to launch a new social/networking initiative in Melbourne, Australia, and she would like to invite you to come along. The Season* Sessions are designed to introduce people in Melbourne who don’t know each other (but who should!). Four times a year, sessions will be organised for participants to enjoy conversation, catering and connections, and Michelle promises that it will be ‘eclectic on every level. Click here for more information or connect with Michelle via her website – www.michellewildtheplanner.com

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HCMC Apr 17

Grant Hall at meetings in Ho Chi Minh City

During the past three months I made a number of visits to Ho Chi Minh City, mostly undertaking work on behalf of an LCD arts industry client. I also met with staff from The Factory Contemporary Arts CentreThe Old Compass Cafe and Mekong Retreat to make some cunning future plans, and I attended an exhibition launch at Salon Saigon. It was also great to meet the architect and researcher Mel Schenk, whose Vietnamese Modernist Architecture social media initiative was one of the inspirations behind our own heritage architecture project. In June I visited Con Dau Island, Dalat and Nha Trang in Vietnam, the highlight of which was visiting the beautiful Hòn Nội Island, off the coast of Nha Trang, as a guest of QMS Certification Services, at the Yến Sào Khánh Hòa’s annual company festival, an event you can read more about by clicking here. Thanks to everybody for taking the time, or inviting me to meet with them.


Yen Sao Khanh Hoa company festival

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