LCD at the Yến Sào Khánh Hòa Company Festival on Hòn Nội Island, Vietnam.


On Sunday 4 June 2017 LCD Founder Grant Hall visited the beautiful Hòn Nội Island, off the coast of Nha Trang in Vietnam, as a guest of QMS Certification Services, at the Yến Sào Khánh Hòa’s annual company festival.

QMS Certification Services is dedicated to improving the performance of a range of organisations around the world. As an Australian-based, fully accredited, third party International Certification Body, they assist organisations in developing practical, actionable management systems certification, training and auditing.

The Yến Sào Khánh Hòa company produces a wide range of food and beverage products, with the most famous being edible birds nest products, which are sold under the “Sanest” brand. Salangane birds breed in colonies in caves and on cliffs on Nha Trang’s islands. Their solidified saliva is gathered and used to make bird’s nest soup and other drinks that are considered to be tasty and healthy. The company owns 169 salangane’s caves and 32 islands along the Khanh Hoa shore around Nha Trang – a geographical region with the largest number of salangane’s caves and the highest number of natural salangane’s nests in Asia. Hòn Nội Island, otherwise known as Sanest Island, where the festival took place, is one of these breeding locations, and the islands image features heavily on the company’s products and marketing materials.

The festivities included award presentations to valued employees, temple visits to offer prayers, a performance by the famous singer Thế Hiển (accompanied by talented company singers), and plenty to eat and drink.

Grant Hall would like to thank Yến sào Khánh Hòa for welcoming him to the island for the festival, and also QMS Vietnam for facilitating such an amazing experience and looking after him whilst in Nha Trang.

Some photographs from the day are displayed below.

sanest products

A selection of Sanest products

sanest island 2

Grant Hall en route to the island

qms card




Panoramic view of the approach to the island


Singer Thế Hiển and company singers entertain the guests


View of the island’s “double beach” and crystal clear waters