League Cultural Diplomacy announces new services for individuals

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League Cultural Diplomacy is pleased to announce it’s new range of services for individuals. These services are designed for ambitious people seeking to build relationships and gain influence abroad or across cultures or raise their profile. Cultural diplomacy has long been used by governments to develop influence and build international relationships and our unique services put the tools of cultural diplomacy into your hands. Using arts, sport, cultural, culinary or entertainment based initiatives, these services allow individuals to fulfill their corporate ambitions whilst indulging in their personal interests and passions.


· Culture based personal brand development

· Management of relationship building, philanthropic or CSR projects, such as arts, cultural, culinary and sporting initiatives

– Strategic alignment with recognised people and organisations from the arts, entertainment or sports sectors

– Cultural competence training

– One-on-one executive mentoring


LCD is a global event management and consulting agency that specialises in international and cross-cultural engagement. We bring people together from around the world to participate in sport, arts, educational and cultural events to develop understanding across cultures, build international and cross-cultural relationships, have fun and make our planet a better place. With a large international partnership network we are an Australian registered business operating from South East Asia with the ability to deliver our services anywhere.

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Click here to view, download or print a single page pdf information sheet about LCD’s services for individuals.