League Cultural Diplomacy E-news January / February / March 2017


Welcome to League Cultural Diplomacy’s e-news for January to March 2017. Today you can read about LCD’s projects in China and Vietnam, our new client – the renowned American artist/photographer Seph Lawless, our latest blog posts and some new cultural intelligence services from LCD Adviser David Clive Price PhD.


Selling in China. Low cost and low risk approaches for Australian producers

We are pleased to be working with LCD client Luckypole Ltd on an exciting project to help Australian food and beverage producers sell their goods in China whilst limiting their risks and costs. Luckypole is a Hong Kong based Australian managed company that provides product sourcing services and has been operating in China for over thirty years. This new service is aimed at Australian producers seeking to enter the Chinese market for the first time or for those that have struggled to achieve their aims within China previously and want to make a fresh attempt. For more information click here.

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Built heritage conservation project in Phan Thiet, Vietnam

League Cultural Diplomacy is taking the lead role in a new social media and blogging project called Phan Thiet Buildings, which aims to raise awareness of the interesting buildings of Phan Thiet (Vietnam) and of the importance of preserving heritage architecture. For more information, visit the project’s webpage or Facebook Group.


Seph Lawless, artist and photojournalist (USA)

We are super excited to be working with the internationally renowned American artist and photojournalist Seph Lawless on an international project scheduled to take place in late 2017. Lawless is best known for his extensive documentation of deserted locations across the globe and he has been photographing abandoned American cities since 2005. His stunning work has earned him international media attention from many leading US news television channels, including CBS, Fox News, ABC and CNN, whilst many of his photographs and videos have become online viral sensations. You can explore Seph’s website here and his YouTube Channel here. Welcome aboard Seph!


From the LCD Blog:

Selling in China. Low cost and low risk approaches for Australian producers

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In light of the increasing complexity of our times, and the ever more urgent need for cultural intelligence, LCD Adviser David Clive Price Phd has recently created a new speaking topic: ‘Bamboo Strong – Intelligent Leadership for Changing Times’. David is available to speak on this topic at conferences, events, business schools, corporate away days or retreats and you can find out more at www.davidcliveprice.com/speaker

He has also launched a new Platinum coaching programme called ‘Transformative Growth for Changing Times’ and for more information on this ground-breaking 6-month programme on global leadership visit www.davidcliveprice.com/bamboo-platinum or email david@davidcliveprice.com or call +44 (0)7766335805.

Thanks for taking the time to read our e-news!

– Grant Hall and the LCD Team

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