Selling in China. Low cost and low risk approaches for Australian F&B producers


League Cultural Diplomacy is pleased to be working with Luckypole Ltd on an exciting project to help Australian food and beverage producers sell their goods in China whilst limiting their risks and costs.

Luckypole is a Hong Kong based Australian managed company that provides product sourcing services and has been operating in China for over thirty years.

This new service is aimed at Australian producers seeking to enter the Chinese market for the first time or for those that have struggled to achieve their aims within China previously and want to make a fresh attempt.

Entering the Chinese market can be expensive, time consuming and risky and many producers report being “burned” by their previous market entry attempts into China. Thankfully though, by working with Luckypole exporters can access a smoother path to market entry through adopting highly creative and pain free approaches.

The approaches that Luckypole employs are designed to get produce into the hands of Chinese mainland and Hong Kong residents and selling direct to consumers is at the heart of their strategies. Their sales channels include tasting events, retailer visits, party-plan activities (eg: the Tupperware approach), online methods including Chinese social media strategies and activities designed to sell goods to the hundreds-of-thousands of day-visitors from mainland China who travel to Hong Kong each day to purchase tax-free goods which are either unavailable on the mainland or are much more expensive. Future plans include a ‘one-stop shop’ in Hong Kong to sell Aussie products which targets the day visitors from the mainland.  There are many advantages to selling to Chinese buyers through Hong Kong, including reduced taxes and increased efficiencies in regards to legal compliance issues. These methods are effective because they remove the cost and risks of dealing with middle-men, vulnerable supply chains, demanding retailers and scammers.

This new initiative allows producers to tap into Luckypole’s in-depth local knowledge and networks, and because Luckypole has built outstanding regional relationships over the last thirty years, their strategies remove or reduce the initial needs for producers to make expensive trips to China, take time consuming “How to do business in China” courses and get involved with complex Chinese language social media sites. Luckypole is paving these paths and can bring producers into their growing networks to re-enforce effective sales channels. Once a producer has established a foothold through these initial low-cost, low-risk methods, Luckypole can subsequently assist exporters to scale up their sales in China.

Australia is famed for the quality and all-round deliciousness of it’s produce which deserves to be enjoyed all around the world!

To find out more contact Brian Mallyon at Luckypole ( email: ), and if you need help with events, relationships or any cultural aspects of doing business abroad, be sure to contact us at League Cultural Diplomacy.

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