The LCD Approach


By Grant Hall

Having good relationships is essential to succeed in today’s global business environment. At League Cultural Diplomacy, we believe that culture can lead the way to develop and maintain these required relationships.

Using aspects of culture like the arts, food or sport, we help our clients build outstanding relationships with both external parties, such as partners, decision-makers and the public, as well as with internal stakeholders such as employees.

To do this, we work with our clients to manage cultural events and other creative initiatives.

Our approach is to be able to offer services to clients of all budgets. To do this we can:

  • Manage relationship building events and initiatives on your behalf
  • Manage parts of your events and initiatives on your behalf
  • Advise you on how to manage your events and initiatives in-house
  • Train your staff so that they have the ability to manage relationship building events and initiatives

Our staff have many years experience in managing cultural engagement events and initiatives and can help you to build great relationships, trust and influence through culture.

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