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Welcome to League Cultural Diplomacy’s e-news for October/November 2016. Today you can read about our new international services, get a free e-book copy of The Age of Culture by D. Paul Schafer and read our latest blog posts. If you plan to be in London on November 29, you can access a special invitation price to attend a workshop by cultural intelligence expert and LCD Adviser David Clive Price PhD titled BAMBOO LEADERSHIP – Achieve Transformative Growth.


Workplace Diversity Services

To succeed in today’s globalised and multicultural business world, organisations of all types should make diversity in their workforce a business imperative. Organisations whose workforces reflect the communities in which they operate report better stakeholder relations and increased innovation and productivity. Leveraging different perspectives across your workforce helps you to stay connected with today’s rapidly transforming client bases and to access new and emerging markets. LCD’s workplace diversity programs will help your organisation build a workforce that welcomes and celebrates diversity and maximises the business benefits of a diverse and culturally competent workforce.

Our workplace diversity services have been designed through international partnerships with noted thought leaders and trainers in the cultural intelligence field, including David Clive Price PhD, London based cultural intelligence mentor, author of Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy and official Adviser to League Cultural Diplomacy, Susan Salzbrenner, Copenhagen based CEO and Head of Consulting at Fit Across Cultures and author of Play Abroad 101Patti McCarthy, Melbourne based Director of Cultural Chemistry and author of Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps and Anna Ridgway, Director of InterMondo Cultural Consulting in Melbourne Australia.

Click here for more information about our workplace diversity services.

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Health, safety and risk management services for international and remote events.

When managing events it’s critically important to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. Our health, safety and risk management services are designed to assist organisations delivering events overseas or in remote locations. Delivered to Australian standards, which are among the most thorough in the world, League Cultural Diplomacy’s health, safety and risk management services will help you to keep everyone involved with your event safe whilst reducing your legal risks and giving you peace of mind.

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London event (special LCD offer). BAMBOO LEADERSHIP – Achieve transformative growth. 29 November 2016.

David Clive Price PhD is a UK-based cultural intelligence and global leadership expert and League Cultural Diplomacy Adviser. He is the author of many books, including his most recent publication Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy, which is a certified bestseller on Amazon.com.

On the 29th of November, David, along with Csaba Toth (managing partner of ICQ Consulting), will be presenting BAMBOO LEADERSHIP – Achieve Transformative Growth, a full-day workshop at the Bloomsbury Gallery in London. David has kindly offered a special deal for LCD clients, friends, supporters and subscribers to attend the workshop and you can click here to find out more and access the invitation only price when booking your place. David is also offering 3 hours of VIP complimentary private coaching via Skype or phone to participants (value £997) and you can access those details here.

Tools for coaching young people. Bala, Wales. 9-16 December 2016

Tools for Coaching Young People
 will focus on how good quality coaching will increase the active participation of young people within organizations and youth projects. This training course will use hands on approach throughout to communicate the need of coaching by defining the roles and qualities of a coach.

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Cultural diplomacy and international events study opportunity
in Scotland and Germany

The University of the West of Scotland, in association with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, offers a one year Masters program in Cultural Diplomacy and International Events. International events are increasingly important within a globalised world, reflecting the increasing levels of interconnectedness and social consciousness. The program employs innovative teaching and learning styles with recorded vodcast lectures, conferences and a wide range of online learning pedagogues being married to more traditional face- to-face learning. Attendance at educational and cultural events, conferences, professional training, tours, visits and meetings with foreign officials are incorporated into the curriculum. Click here to find out more


We hope you enjoyed Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps by Patti McCarthy which was offered for free in our previous e-news. This month we present D. Paul Schafer’s fantastic book The Age of Culture (RRP USD$19.95). I’m thrilled to announce that Paul has generously offered to provide a free e-book copy to LCD’s friends, supporters, partners and subscribers – simply contact us to request your copy, specifying your preference for a pdf or a mobi file version. (This offer is only available for a limited time).


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 Registered in Australia and based in South East Asia, League Cultural Diplomacy is built upon an extensive global network of partner organisations and advisers. We are constantly searching for new people and sport, arts, cultural, community or education organisations to collaborate on international cultural events and initiatives. Please get in touch with us if you or your organisation are interested in joining the league!

Thanks for taking the time to read our e-news!

– Grant Hall and the LCD Team

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