Cultural Diplomacy and International Events study opportunity in Scotland & Germany.


The University of the West of Scotland, in association with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, offers a one year Masters program in Cultural Diplomacy and International Events.

International events are increasingly important within a globalised world, reflecting the increasing levels of interconnectedness and social consciousness.

The program employs innovative teaching and learning styles with recorded vodcast lectures, conferences and a wide range of online learning pedagogues being married to more traditional face- to-face learning. Attendance at educational and cultural events, conferences, professional training, tours, visits and meetings with foreign officials are incorporated into the curriculum.

Students take the first trimester at University of the West of Scotland where they are introduced to pathway options in international events. Students will study global events policy, event bidding, research methods and much more.

The second trimester is undertaken at the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin where students receive a solid foundation and understanding of cultural diplomacy, including its history and contemporary practice. Students will investigate international case studies in cultural diplomacy and explore future trends in the sector.

The programme prepares students to create a solid professional network and forms a concrete base for future academic and professional career choices, preparing students for engagement in the international events arena, civil society, politics, governmental organisations, international economic organisations and the private sector.

Students are currently being recruited for the January 2017 intake,  click here to apply or contact Prof. Gayle McPherson ( for further information.

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