Event in Bala, Wales: Tools for Coaching Young People


Act Global is an international not for profit organisation based in the United Kingdom and Indonesia. Established in 2012, Act Global was set up to support the non-formal education sector by creating international projects that look at global issues such as poverty and inequality, while also creating an international platform for sharing best practice in the sector.

From December 9-16 2016 they will be delivering a training course in Bala, Wales, titled Tools for Coaching Young People. Participants will include people from the UK, Malta, Greece, Estonia, Romania, FYR-Macedonia, Spain and the Netherlands.


About the event

Tools for Coaching Young People will focus on how good quality coaching will increase the active participation of young people within organizations and youth projects. This training course will use hands on approach throughout to communicate the need of coaching by defining the roles and qualities of a coach.

The participants will be instigated and given space to come up with innovative ideas to deal with the topic of coaching and participation. Youth workers will be given information about Erasmus+ and how this tool can be used to implement innovative projects by young people. The trainers will also create an atmosphere in which the participants will feel comfortable to express themselves and also make their ideas count. A hands on approach helps to really experiment with the idea together with other people with different views and come up with something unique which can be applied in the partner’s home organization and other European youth projects.

This training course will also tackle the issue of inclusion and participation in detail. The training will offer information about different kinds of inclusion that exists and are also categorized in the Erasmus+ programme. The various sessions of inclusion will be followed by participation of young people and the reality which youth workers / leaders face when working in groups.

This project will focus on giving more skills to youth workers / leaders in the area of coaching skills. “Tools for Coaching Young People” will also give special attention to provide space where participants will design, plan and implement activities on their own. This will create an environment where participants can acquire and implement new skills, which will make them more employable.

Partners: This project is co-funded by the European Commission. Act Global CIC as a host organisation will cover the training activities, accommodation and full meals for the whole week. Your travels can also be refunded to a certain limit, subject to the eligible paperworks.

Where: Bala, Wales,

When: 9-16 December 2016

For more information or to apply: Click here or email actglobal.culture@gmail.com (please advise them of your personal and contact details, background and motivation to participate in this training and state your country of residence).

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