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To succeed in today’s globalised and multicultural business world, organisations of all types should make diversity in their workforce a business imperative. Organisations whose workforces reflect the communities in which they operate report better stakeholder relations and increased innovation and productivity. Leveraging different perspectives across your workforce helps you to stay connected with today’s rapidly transforming client bases and to access new and emerging markets. LCD’s workplace diversity programs will help your organisation build a workforce that welcomes and celebrates diversity and maximises the business benefits of a diverse and culturally competent workforce.


• Developing and managing your organisation’s workplace diversity program,
in full or in part
• Organising workplace diversity events and initiatives, such as cultural events • Working with you to ensure your workforce
maintains its diversity
• Providing cultural competency training for
your business or organisation
• One-on-one diversity mentoring for executives

LCD’s workplace diversity services have been designed through an international partnership with noted thought leaders and trainers in the cultural intelligence field, including David Clive Price PhD, London based cultural intelligence mentor, author of Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets to Succeed in the New Global Economy and official Adviser to League Cultural Diplomacy, Susan Salzbrenner, Copenhagen based CEO and Head of Consulting at Fit Across Cultures and author of Play Abroad 101, Patti McCarthy, Melbourne based Director of Cultural Chemistry and author of Cultural Chemistry: Simple Strategies for Bridging Cultural Gaps and Anna Ridgway, Director of InterMondo Cultural Consulting in Melbourne Australia.

Grant Hall, the Australian Founder of LCD says “To be successful in today’s business world organisations need to have a workforce that reflects the broader community in which you operate. We are proud to announce the addition of workplace diversity services to our suite of corporate services.”


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