Rick Shrowder announced as an official Adviser to League Cultural Diplomacy


League Cultural Diplomacy (LCD) is pleased to announce that Rick Shrowder, owner of Global Community Sports Inc, has joined the agency as an official Adviser.

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League Cultural Diplomacy (LCD) is an international event management and consulting agency that specialises in cultural engagement and cultural diplomacy. LCD is an Australian registered company that is based in South East Asia that delivers its services globally.

Rick Shrowder is the owner of Global Community Sports Inc. An Adelaide based organisation that connects global communities through education, business and sport. Rick has created and facilitated educational workshops for sport teams and school groups and his programs have been delivered to over one hundred organisations in Australia, India and the United Kingdom. He is also currently the Senior Coach for the Australian Rules Football Association of India.

Rick Shrowder will advise League Cultural Diplomacy on its business operations in India and its international sports programs which includes sport diplomacy, international sports management internships, cultural intelligence training for athletes and international sport tours.

Grant Hall, Founder of LCD says “Rick is an experienced and respected leader in international community development and relationship building through sport. League Cultural Diplomacy is all about using culture to bring people together and sport plays an important role in developing good international and cross-cultural relationships. We are very excited to welcome Rick to ‘the League’ as an Adviser.”

Rick Shrowder: “Sport is a wonderful way to connect people. Whether locally, nationally or globally sport offers common ground regardless of differences in culture, language or history. It can be a powerful learning tool as well as a vehicle for change. I’m thrilled to be joining the LCD team and look forward to sharing my experience and passion for connecting people through sport.”


League Cultural Diplomacy website: www.leagueculturaldiplomacy.com

Global Community Sports Inc website: www.gcsprojects.org

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Rick Shrowder

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