Indonesian-Australian cultural engagement project seeking support


From Grant Hall, Founder of League Cultural Diplomacy

Dear friends,

I’m currently helping a team of Indonesian and Australian performing arts practitioners to deliver am international project that will help build people-to-people links between the two countries.

The outcome will be high quality dance performance piece that is suitable for festivals.

Although Australia and Indonesia are geographically close there remains only a limited exchange in terms of contemporary culture between the two neighbours. Australians tend to only glimpse snippets of traditional Indonesian culture on their holidays, while Indonesians often have a very limited understanding of the cultural landscape in Australia. This project will contribute to broadening understanding between the two countries.

The development of the work will take place in both Australia and Indonesia providing further opportunities for artists from both countries to develop their international networks and relationships.

The project has already secured about a third of its funding and the organisers are continuing to apply for funding. So far they have lodged applications with many Australian organisations who one might consider most likely to fund such a project, such as the cultural diplomacy grants program managed by DFAT.

The project presents strong opportunities for both Australian and Indonesian companies to build their international brand, contribute to their CSR objectives, build strong relationships with clients and partners whilst contributing to their organisation’s cultural intelligence competencies.

The project also provides opportunities for government agencies to build people-to-people, business-to-business and government-to-government links between the two countries.

The organisers would also be interested in hearing from potential presenting organisations, such as performing arts spaces or festivals.

Please contact me for more information if you are interested in becoming a corporate or government partner on the project or in presenting the final work.


– Grant Hall

photo credit: Kinepolis cinema hall via photopin (license)


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