International cultural experience study tours by League Cultural Diplomacy

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To be successful in todays globalised and multi-cultural business world you need to have cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence, otherwise known as CQ, gives you or your organisation the skills needed to navigate challenging cultural terrain when operating abroad or across cultures and the best way to develop CQ is to travel and be immersed in different cultures. Deliverable in a variety of international locations, our culture centred study tours combine formal training sessions with unforgettable immersive cultural experiences that are guaranteed to develop your cultural skills and intelligence.


League Cultural Diplomacy can:

  • Manage an international cultural experience study tour on your behalf in full or in part
  • Design or deliver cultural experience initiatives to complement your existing study tour
  • Work with you to develop highly tailored study tours that perfectly meet your need
  • Provide you with cultural intelligence trainers who can deliver formal training to complement your existing study tour


If you would prefer to manage your cultural experience study tour in-house we are able to provide you with relevant consulting services or train your staff in how to manage successful study tours.


LCD can help you to raise funds and obtain corporate sponsorship to make your study tour a reality.


Click here to view, download or print an information sheet or contact us today!


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