Interview with Callum Laing for The Asian Entrepreneur

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By Grant Hall, Founder of League Cultural Diplomacy.

I was thrilled to be interviewed recently by Callum Laing for The Asian Entrepreneur. In the interview I talk about my business League Cultural Diplomacy, the events industry, business and travel in Asia and some of the ideas that drive me.

You can check out the interview by clicking here.

Callum is a veteran of doing business in Asia and has built, bought and sold half a dozen companies. If you are a business that is looking to launch into Asia be sure to ask Callum about the ‘Asia Launchpad’, a 12 month program to get you started, connected and partnered with the right people so that you have a solid foundation that will allow you to expand at will.

I’ve really enjoyed connecting with Callum and I hope you find both the interview, The Asian Entrepreneur and Callum’s work interesting and enlightening.

League Cultural Diplomacy is an international event management and consulting agency that specialises in Corporate Cultural Diplomacy (CCD).